The driving force in my life to create art has always been the passion I feel when the colors and emotions in my heart combine on the canvas. The colors and emotions are really one-in-the-same for me. I see them.


My name is Kristen Kutay, I am a self- taught artist. Since I was a child, I’ve been painting on everything I could get my hands on: canvasses of course, but also glass bottles, hats, walls and even my own jeans! Creating artistically helps me to convey and deal with some deep emotions that I am unable to express in other ways.

I love to play around with different color combinations. I use various media, like acrylics, wax crayons, chalk, clay and resin to create dimension, textures and designs that evolve and come to life right in front of my eyes! I drift into other worlds, feeling at peace. I hope you can see and feel the passion within me, and the story that is being told in each piece.