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      The driving force in my life to create art has always been the passion I feel when the colors and emotions in my heart come alive on a canvas.

Colors and emotions are really one-in-the-same for me, I will see color when I am experiencing a deep emotion.


      Since childhood, I’ve been painting on anything I had available to me: canvases (an obvious choice), but also glass bottles, hats, walls and even my own jeans!

      I love to play around with different color combinations, the bolder the better. I use various media, such as acrylics, wax crayons, chalk, clay and resin to create multi dimensional artwork. The textures and designs will evolve and come to life right in front of my eyes! I drift into other worlds, getting lost in it and feeling at peace.

      I hope you can see and feel the passion within me, and the story that is being told in each piece.