"she expresses her emotion through color, pattern and texture."


Rochelle Irons is an abstract/fluid artist from Florida that was raised in the Islands of the Caribbean and South America. She has been painting since she was a child but found her passion as an abstract artist in 2010 when she found herself overnight trying to raise 2 small boys on her own with many long, quiet nights to fill.




Her work has a strong energetic influence and she expresses her emotions through color, pattern, and texture. Often drawing inspiration and tying in  her connection and love of the ocean. She uses a wide range of mixed media to give her work depth. Her biggest challenge as an artist is finding the balance between the side of her that thrives in chaos and the intense need for tranquility and solitude. She believes that her art is an expression of both of these sides, and a driving force within her to find beauty in even the darkness of life.


 Her colors are both bright and calming,

bringing a sense of energy and harmony to the viewer.


Most recent projects include the art design and concept for waterfront destination restaurant, the TideHouse in Stuart, Florida. Her original fluid-art-fish are something exciting and unique. Using fluid art paint, resin and taxidermy fish forms she creates beautiful abstract visions from the ocean. Rochelle just launched a swimwear line with Mermaid Bungalow with limited edition prints from her original artwork on everything from bikinis to beach bags, towels, flip flops and athletic wear.  Commissions accepted for custom paintings, sculptures, murals, and fish art.


She also teaches classes in various formats, offering small groups, private parties, and online programs. 

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