"I wanted a product that would last."

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        My journey into the world of leathercraft started several years ago when I found myself in need of a new camera strap. Thinking leather would be a good choice, I looked at several options by some “name brands”. I was blown away with the prices I saw, and the visible lack of quality in their products.


        I’d grown up working with my hands, and my father always took great pride in the many quality tools and items he’s had and used since he was young. I decided I would make my own, and I would build a better product that would last me just as long. After many hours, and over twice the cost of the camera strap in supplies I finally had something I was satisfied with. Since I had the tools I figured I might as well make myself some belts . . . Then a wallet . . . Then a bag . . . I haven’t stopped since. 


        In 2018 I started making items as Hunt & Hart. All items are handmade in Florida. To enable the continued improvement and refinement of my art, in late 2020 I started selling online and at a local store. Leatherwork is something I’ve always enjoyed, it’s very rewarding so see an item go from an idea in your head to a finished product someone can use, and that will last them many years.


        Feel free to visit my Instagram or Etsy storefront to see what ideas I’m working on now. I also enjoy bringing other people’s ideas to life, if you’ve got an item you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks -Garret

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