Organizing Art Supplies = Bliss

Ah, what a day. It was rewarding on so many levels. My loving hubby helped me put my art desk/ station together (he did the whole thing, I was moral support and the leveler). He was able to use some of his new tools...which he loved and proudly smiled when I asked him if he was excited. I love when there is team work in creating something, it brings minds together, ideas grow and the end result is perfect!

We wheeled (added casters to the bottom, wahoo!!!) it into it's temporary place, the kitchen. I am going to be moving back into the garage soon but before that can happen we have a few projects that need finishing touches. So for now I am indoors looking out into our flower filled backyard. It is quite lovely!

My favorite thing, well one of my MANY favorite things, ORGANIZING!!! I love it so much! Looking at a hot mess to start and ending with a simple, easy, labeled, color arranged, situation is just a dream. Everything having it's place, knowing where every tool, paint color or brush is. Yes people this is BLISS!

Allow yourself to find an organized place in your life, a place where you can truly be free because the grip of uncertainty doesn't have a hold on you. Where dreams can weave into master pieces because the mind only has to focus on the present-in the moment thoughts and feelings. It is euphoric.

*I add affiliate links to products I personally use. If I can help someone find something that can help them and or make their life easier I am a happy person.

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