Stand Tall and Be Inspired

The featured photo + quote was very inspiring while I was waiting to speak with a professional about a specific matter. It happened to be that the very person that chose this poster was the "one" spoken of that was inflicting inferiority on another. So this blog was born, the descion was made by me to stand tall and be inspired.

Why was I able to carry my head high dispite the ill treatment and lack of compassion you might ask. It was because I have educated myself on the subject before entering into the "ring". Information can make you strong. It helps you to choose what paths are the right ones to follow. What outcome are you searching to find? Information and learning from others experiences can lead you to where you want to be.

I enjoy researcing subjects that interest me, it is harder to get motivated on subjects I have little interst in but when I have finished the process I am glad for it. There is always either an interesting fact you can take away from it or possibly being able to share it with another to help them. It still is a win in my book!

Literally... I carry a small note book with me most EVERYWHERE. I use it to jot notes from research or to doodle little designs for future art projects. I will write passing thoughts, things I'm thankful for or quotes that I know will be lost forever if I leave it only in my mind lol. I highly recomend everyone to try it. Start bringing one with you and once you get use to using it I promise you will feel lost with out it.

In a pinch if I don't have a note book or a scrap of paper I will text myself thoughts, ideas and even screen shot useful information, etc. It isn't the same so I primarliy use texting myself for my shopping lists.

Once you have all of the facts you can reasonably process/ find on the subject, the next step starts. You take into account: you as a person, your circumstances and once again the outcome you are hoping for. After prayer and conversations with your supporters (spouses, family, a close friend. Having a postive supportive team is one of the main reasons you will succeed! Find them and cherish them) you are fully equipped to make the BEST possible decision for YOU at that time.

Now take a deep breath, stand tall and be proud of who you are and what you have done. Life has a way of changing on us so quickly. Even the best decisions can go off track with a sudden new variable, so make the best of it, you will be happier for it!

In the end we are a sum of our experiences. Our past motivates our future by giving us either determination to be different from what we were exposed to/ taught OR inspires us to be the great things we cherished. No matter what we have gone through or will go through we can always be the best version of ourselves. Show love and be kind, it's your choice.

I hope you have been inspired to be your own advocate!

Dream big,

Live strong,

Be courageous!

Make it happen!!!

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