Take Time to Bubble Bath and Relax

Who doesn’t love being pampered??? Anyone would agree that having a little tlc adds to a peacefully cleansed mind and body. It is very soothing to the soul and important to the creative process as an artist. It does come at a price, not only to schedule out time for the treatments (which we should all do) some spa’s have a hefty price tag $$$ for their specialty treatments. Some things you just CAN’T do yourself because it is too complicated and stops being relaxing, which is counter productive...to mention a few, massage and waxing. Leave that to the trained professionals. With that being said lets begin on what we CAN do from home that leads to a euphoric outcome. I always like to start with an herbal bath!

Nothing gets much better than letting your body sink into a warm (scalding hot...if your like me) bath infused with herbs and minerals that melt the tension and relax the mind. When we were house hunting I was appalled at the amount of houses that did not have even ONE bath tub, most only had a tiny bath in the guest restroom. We finally found a house that actually had a beautiful garden tub in the master bath, SAA-WEET! I can’t live without my weekly soak.

How I prepare my bath:

Basic- fill tub with water as hot as you can stand, then add one to two cups epsom salts. You can buy locally or buy in bulk...which is what we prefer.


Bubble bath- I prefer to use bronners castile soap but it gets frothy, not BUBBLY.

My husband prefers this bubble bath:

Baking Soda- Occasionally I'll add this to the bath. It helps balance to PH and assists in detoxing the body. About 1/4 cup will do.

Azteck Clay- This is a huge detoxer. Drink plenty of water with this addition. It is known to pull out heavy metals from your tissue. It turns the water a murky brown (mask this with a bubble bath lol) and needs to be rinsed right after the water has drained so it does not cake up the tub (a little work).

Essential oils- this is where we all may differ in what we deem as relaxing. It is fun to play around with different combinations. A classic spa scent is Lavender.

I love this brand of essential oils. I have pretty much tried EVERY brand out there. From super $$$ to less $. This company is well founded, great prices and I have felt more effects from Eden’s Garden than I ever have with another company.

Herbal detox bath infusions- We went on a cruise and of course we had daily spa treatments (we get suckered in on the sales pitch). They were selling a detox bath for mega $$$. I just couldn’t justify the price for the bath sachets. I looked up ingredients and made my own. I have more product for less $. Both my husband and I feel AMAZING after the herbal bath infusion.

The herbal bath DIY-

1 tablespoon each

-put into a large tea ball

-juniper berries


-orange peel


add a few drops of peppermint essential oil

It smells amazing and is a full body renewal!

Milk Bath- makes the water and your skin feel silky smooth! It is purifying and rejenerative to the skin.

I usually end my bath with a light towel dry and a body oil application. It helps keep the moisture in your skin and leaves you feeling silky, plus smells delightful (bonus).

Happy soaking!

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