Let the Wild Flowers Grow

"Let the wild flowers grow"- was started after my recent trip to Italy. We were overwhelmed by the beauty and charm this country has. Driving through the hillsides and through small towns we were constantly intrigued by the vast array of vineyards, lemon tree farms, old-cracked houses and for me seeing old walls and homes that had wildflowers growing in the cracks. This completely captivated me. How could this old country be the most beautiful place and yet have these seemingly imperfections all around? How could you want to mimic such an "unkempt" look? Honestly, these questions did go through my mind. My brain has been programmed to look at these things as a nuisance, something to be removed. Could be because of my many years working in gardens "weeding", mind you there are WEEDS that NEED to be removed because they will take over everything and choke out and flowers you have growing. Still this bothered me that I was so quick to judge this beauty. So I thought a lot about it and how it applied to me, my life, really life in general.

First off I have to realize NO ONE is perfect in any way. We may excel at certain things either because of inheriant talent / beauty, or because of hard work and dedication. This is something to be rewarded, everyone has a skill or trait that is to be appreciated and acknowledged. But I am talking about more vain things as well..."oh no I have one (3 lol) eyebrows that grew in through the day, how will I cope";"My nail is chipped and everyone will know";"I can see a few hairs I missed on my legs, ahhh";"this zit is taking over my face, that's all everyone will see". Seriously girls we have all been here, maybe some more than others but lets get real. So first off any of most these things are done to change the natural state of US. I am not here to stop all personal grooming by any means (lol) oh heavens no. I just want to be more realistic about the way natural beauty can play more of a role in my life and less stressed about the one little detail I forgot to address or that "I should have worn my other necklace- it would have worked better with these shoes, unnecessary stress (deep breath after that run on sentence haha) in life."

Driving by this beautiful wall!

Natural beauty is for everyone! I don't like when someone states that they aren't talented or aren't pretty or aren't fit, etc. There is something special about everyone!!! If one person had everything going for them, wow, scary haha. Lets picture Albert Einstein as a Calvin Klein model and as Chef Ramsey and Bill Gates and Steve Martin and ... well you get the point. He would be the smartest, hottest, best cook, richest, funniest guy EVER- plus whatever you added or substituted in for my examples lol. How exhausting. He was BRILLIANT in math, probably a very nice man with some humor maybe could cook some dinner over his flame in his beaker, who knows. The point is he would have been something fierce if he had everything to an excess. So that being said... haha what a rampage lol...

Look at yourself, really take the time to reflect on what you have as a person. Look at the physical and mental and emotional attributes you posses. Pick one and compliment yourself. Like today I decided my green eyes are something I truly treasure. I don't always look at them and say, "oh wow, nice eyes" (actually never have I done that lol) but I am going to say it today. They are my wild flower for today. No matter what I am going through on this day I will try to appreciate them. A few examples for you are: a good cook, a caring parent, you can fix everything by just touching it (these people do exist, my dad) , you rescue animals, you feed the squirrel ...(too far lol) you get the point! You have something that is truly remarkable!

Now this is truly old and cracked! Yet still amazing!

Sometimes we feel so old or cracked weather we are or not. We can get so focused on the cracks and old stones holding everything together that we forget to look around and enjoy the beauty of life. It just is there waiting for us to enjoy it.

I loved how unashamed the wild flowers were of their beauty. They didn't shrink down because "no one" appreciated them or "someone" thought they were being to flashy with all of their glory. They rose up out of the grass or stones to shine bright, only caring that they were doing their duty and brightening up the landscape with their vibrant moving colors.

Can we reflect that in our lives? Can we be true to US in a way that can bring brightness and joy to others with out worrying if others might not be happy with it? Like I said: "some weeds HAVE to be pulled or they will take over everything", I don't want to develop those weeds of judgement or harshness and uproot any that have started to grow. I want to see the good / beauty in everyone and life it self so that I can shine to help others. This starts with first seeing the beauty within us as a person.

Please take the time to enjoy those wild flowers through the day! Let them grow and cherish them. They will bring you joy and will spread vibrancy through your life and intern will infuse others with love and happiness. Let YOUR wildflowers grow!